We offer our Customers:

Equipment that fully meets the stated characteristics.
The most favorable price-quality ratio.
The ability to manufacture equipment under the technical conditions of the client.
Before purchase it is possible to test equipment in operation.
“Sukhoviy” products warranty - 24 months.

Wood thermal modification chamber

“Sukhoviy” LLC offers you the high-quality wood thermal modification chambers. This certified and easy-to-use equipment serves for thermal treatment (thermal modification) of any wood species.

Qualitative and reliable wood thermal modification chambers are our specialty. In addition, we offer our woodworking experience, an individual approach to each customer that will precisely help to create exclusive equipment of the thermally modified wood, which will be appreciated even by the most demanding customers!

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Autoclave for wood impregnation (deep penetration)

“Sukhoviy”LLC offers you automated equipment for wood impregnation. Preparation in an autoclave is carried out with the help of vacuum: “Vacuum-Pressure-Vacuum” (VPV). Nowadays, this is the most effective technology in the preparation and processing of thermal wood.

Thanks to this technology, not only deep impregnation of wood is carried out, but also penetrating impregnation. Everything depends on the type of wood, thickness, and humidity.

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Infrared Dryer (Drying Chamber)

Infrared Dryer “Sukhoviy” uses the most advanced technology for drying berries, fruits, vegetables and various herbs. Drying chamber technology "Sukhoviy" allows you to save practically all food items and vitamins. Your goods will be in demand in any country all over the world, as they will undergo the most rigorous laboratory testing.

Moreover, before you purchase, our company gives you the opportunity to test the drying chamber "Sukhoviy" on its products!

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Wood thermal modification chamber «Sukhoviy Arbor»

We proclaim that «Sukhoviy» LLC (limited liability company) is the experts at making wood thermal modification chambers of high quality.

Finally, we are ready to present long awaited new product – Wood thermal modification chamber «Sukhoviy Arbor» of second generation.

Upgrading is what led us to make this equipment for thermal modification of  any wood species.

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Industrial drying chambers for products

Drying ovens and chambers of industrial volumes for large procurement enterprises. Convection type chambers operate on solid fuel ovens or electricity. Due to the verified aerodynamic scheme, the product dries uniformly, is blown by warm air and not by overheated flue gases.

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Pressure and Vacuum Drying Chamber

Pressure and Vacuum Drying Chambers are ideal for small woodworking shops, as well as for the procurement of valuable species of wood. Due to the peculiarities of the technology, the one-time loading of our chambers does not exceed 10 cubic meters.

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