Autoclave for wood impregnation (deep penetration)

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“Sukhoviy”LLC offers you automated equipment for wood impregnation. Preparation in an autoclave is carried out with the help of vacuum: “Vacuum-Pressure-Vacuum” (VPV). Nowadays, this is the most effective technology in the preparation and processing of thermal wood.

Thanks to this technology, not only deep impregnation of wood is carried out, but also penetrating impregnation. Everything depends on the type of wood, thickness, and humidity.

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Autoclave for wood impregnation (deep penetration)

Building materials made of wood can be damaged by fungus, mold, and rot. Still, today they can be protected from external atmospheric influences by various chemicals. Saturation of wood with various solutions is called wood impregnation.

There are protective and decorative wood impregnation:

  • Fire retardant (protects from fire). Wood impregnated with various special solutions is harder to ignite which means harder to burn. It is impossible to completely protect wooden products from the effects of fire, but protective impregnation (especially after the autoclave) clearly reduces its combustibility class.
  • Antiseptic (biological protection). Thanks to this type of solutions, the material is protected from fungus, insect pests, and decay. Many modern impregnating liquids are based on the principle of "two in one" — contain both fire retardant and antiseptic.
  • Painting (decorative wood impregnation). Timber of a small thickness (up to 50—60 mm) can be painted completely using an autoclave. This decorative function of impregnation is often used by manufacturers of billiard cues, knife handles, and wooden souvenirs.

An autoclave is used for the impregnation. The autoclave is prepared by vacuum. The layout of our equipment is “Vacuum-Pressure-Vacuum” (VPV).

The whole process consists of the following stages:

  • Loading. The tree that needs to be impregnated is loaded onto a special trolley. It moves inward with an electromechanical drive.
  • Degassing, vacuuming. In the autoclave (hermetically sealed) a vacuum is created and maintained constantly. At this stage the air is expelled from the wood and the surface tension is removed. A transport capillary system, which is opened and impregnated as much as possible, is located under the wood. Solution supply. After degassing the required impregnating solution is fed into the apparatus.
  • Solution supply. After degassing the required impregnating solution is fed into the apparatus.
  • Hydrostatic pressure. The supply of the solution raises the pressure and it is maintained for a certain time. At this point an intensive deep wood impregnation is carried out.
  • Air conditioning, second vacuuming. After the fourth stage the solution is pumped into the maneuvering vessel, and the vacuum is created inside. This removes moisture from the upper layers of the wood that was not absorbed.
  • Unload autoclave.

Technical characteristics of equipment (autoclave) for impregnation “Sukhoviy”:

  • The kit is fully automated and mechanized as much as possible.
  • Manually dilute the solution only and load the timber onto the trolley.
  • All containers amenable rustproofing, pipelines — stainless steel.
  • Welding of the apparatus is done by specialists, who have the appropriate tolerances, each welded seam of the autoclave undergoes X-ray inspection.

Our equipment is produced according to TU U 28.2-2986403755-001: 2016 and is certified ZETC/4/2016.

IndicatorsSukhoviy АП33ВSukhoviy АП58В
Length / Diameter, mm6000/180012000/1800
Electrical capacity15 kW20 kW
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