Wood thermal modification chamber

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“Sukhoviy” LLC offers you the high-quality wood thermal modification chambers. This certified and easy-to-use equipment serves for thermal treatment (thermal modification) of any wood species.

Qualitative and reliable wood thermal modification chambers are our specialty. In addition, we offer our woodworking experience, an individual approach to each customer that will precisely help to create exclusive equipment of the thermally modified wood, which will be appreciated even by the most demanding customers!

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Wood thermal modification chamber

Thermally modified wood is a thermally treated timber. Thermalwood is a material of the future, which is incredibly popular in many countries, because it has gathered the following advantages:

  • Dimensional stability. Thermal modification protects against temperature drop, the wood retains its geometric dimensions, does not increase and does not dry.
  • Absence of residual stress. Due to the processes of destruction of capillaries and the structure of fibers, the thermally modified wood does not have a residual stress.
  • Aesthetic appearance. After the influence of the different temperature conditions, the structure of the wood becomes better, in some wood species many beautiful tones appear in some wood species that looks simply luxurious.
  • Enhanced moisture resistance. Thermally modified wood products that are used outside or inside, for example, in the bathroom, absorb only 5 % of moisture and does not rot.
  • Ecological compatibility. Thermally modified wood is maximally natural, as any additional chemical solutions or additives are not used in this process.

Undoubtedly, a thermally modified wood is an unsurpassed material that combines all the requirements that put forward to modern decoration. Ecological, aesthetic, durable! All your ideas are easy to become reality with this wood!

Thermally modified wood: production technology:

  • Dry timber is placed in a special hermetic chamber “Sukhoviy”, which withstands pressure and vacuum.
  • In “Sukhoviy” chambers wood modification takes place in a steam environment at a temperature from 145 to 215 ° C (293- 419 F).
  • Depending on the type of wood and the thickness of the blanks the required temperature and time differ.The average cycle length from loading to unloading is 96 hours. You will learn more detailed information about the processes and technology of thermal wood modification from our technologists when starting the chamber.

Production of thermal chambers: technical specifications

  • “Sukhoviy” LLC produces standard wood thermal modification chambers of an impenetrable and unrivaled type. Also, at the request of customers, we will be happy to produce exclusive wood thermal modification equipment.
  • Heating is processed in a mixed way — infrared and convective.
  • While connecting the electric heating tubes to the chamber, we use a heat transfer device made of aluminum. Thanks to this, the electric heating tubes work in an even more reliable mode that increases the period of their operation.
  • The mechanized drive produces loading and unloading of the staple. The working process is fully automated with the help of a control panel assembled on the basis of controllers.

If you are going to purchase the wood thermal modification chamber, we offer you to get acquainted with the three standard models: "Sukhoviy KTMD 4200", "Sukhoviy KTMD 6300", "Sukhoviy KTMD 9400".

The cost of the wood thermal treatment in a large chamber is the same as in a small one. You choose the thermal chamber in accordance to your preferences.

Remember that our company offers services of creating exclusive products according to your ideas, as our objective is aimed at the individual approach to each customer!

Performance indicatorsSukhoviy KTMD 4200Sukhoviy KTMD 6300Sukhoviy KTMD 9400
Loading, cubic meter(board30х120mm)up to 5up to 7up to 10
Mechanical staple loading+++
Electrical capacity18 kW31 kW43 kW
Average modification due date, h.969696
Warranty period, months242424