Pressure and Vacuum Drying Chamber

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Pressure and Vacuum Drying Chambers are ideal for small woodworking shops, as well as for the procurement of valuable species of wood. Due to the peculiarities of the technology, the one-time loading of our chambers does not exceed 10 cubic meters.

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Pressure and Vacuum drying of the wood is a method of drying the board and rectangular timber in a vacuum. The heating plates are located between each layer of the board. This allows you to get quickly dry timber, as well as remove the maximum deformation and residual stress. Due to the fact that the entire drying process takes place in a vacuum, the capillaries are opened to the maximum. Thus, the fluid transport system in the fibers of the wood is maximally opened that leads to a uniform evaporation of moisture both inside and outside the wood.

Drying chambers of this type have a prefix "press". One side of the chamber is made of a special vacuum membrane. Through this rubber the atmosphere presses on the staple inside the dryer. The deeper the vacuum inside the drying chamber, the higher pressure on the wood is inside and can reach 10 tons per square meter. This pressure makes the deformation of the board during drying process impossible. Moreover, even slightly "twisted" boards are leveled during the drying process.

The dryer body passes anti-corrosion treatment and is stitched from the inside by stainless steel, the heating plates are also made of aluminum. All this significantly increases the service life of pressure and vacuum drying chambers "Sukhoviy".

SpecificationsSukhoviy PVS3000Sukhoviy PVS5000Sukhoviy PVS10000
Loading, cubic meterup to 3up to 5up to 10
Staple loadingfrontal with trolleyfrontal with trolleyfrontal with trolley
The average term for drying ash-tree, h.969696
Final wood humidity, %under 8under 8under 8
Warranty, months242424
Price with VAT, USD, $175002300035500