Industrial drying chambers for products

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Drying ovens and chambers of industrial volumes for large procurement enterprises. Convection type chambers operate on solid fuel ovens or electricity. Due to the verified aerodynamic scheme, the product dries uniformly, is blown by warm air and not by overheated flue gases.

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Seasonality of different cultures harvests leads to a need for large-volume drying chambers. There are several types of drying complexes, each of which has its own disadvantages and advantages.

Based on our experience and on the tasks that we solved for our Customers, we offer convection aerodynamic drying chambers. In our drying chambers, the load is measured in tones, the minimum volume of a drying chamber of this type is 2500 kg. The purpose of these chambers is simple: perforated trays with the product are placed on the special shelves (berry, fruit, vegetables, herbs) that are blown by controlled warm air. Automatic control of the ventilation system effectively removes moisture outside the drying chamber.

Specifications of drying chambers "Sukhoviy". After loading of the dryer, all processes are controlled by a computer, the chambers are shielded by aluminum, insulated and airtight. At the discretion of the Customer, thermal energy for drying is provided by a solid fuel oven or electric heaters. Due to the fact that the flow of air in the chamber is calculated, drying quality is very high, the appearance of the finished product is not inferior to the type of products from infrared drying chambers. You can dry berries, fruits, vegetables, and drug plants.

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